3 Popular Types of Class Action Lawsuits

Lawsuit formIn a class action lawsuit, people who have similar injuries that can be traced to the same action or product can sue the defendant together. People typically seek justice when they are injured by defective products, including cars, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and consumer goods. A company can also be sued for corporate misconduct, securities fraud, and employment practices.

If a product has injured you or person and you think that there are others like you, you can seek class action mediation. Here, the attorney will advise you accordingly. Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. cites three types of lawsuits that you as the injured could file against the defendant:


Consumers who believe that they have had to pay more for a product due to antitrust violations can file this lawsuit. In most cases, these lawsuits allege that some companies making the same or similar products or offering related services cooperate to raise prices for their products. As a result, the customer does not benefit from natural market competition.

Consumer rights

This lawsuit addresses issues that put personal non-anonymized information at risk. In routine business transactions, consumers often have to divulge information, such as credit card numbers, to complete a transaction. If a company violates this information or uses it without the customer’s consent, they can be sued for consumer rights violation.

Consumer fraud

A consumer who has been deceived for the company’s monetary gain file a complaint. The defendant company could be sued for selling defective products that either did not work as promised or caused an injury due to the defect. They could also face charges of violating consumer protection laws.

Class action lawsuits bring together suits that would be impractical to handle individually. That way, the process becomes more efficient. It combines many small claims and lowers the costs of litigation for the plaintiffs. When seeking legal counsel, ask for an attorney who has experience handling class action lawsuits.