4 Incredible Tips for Finding a Competent DUI Attorney

Man caught drunk drivingBeing acquitted of a DUI (Driving Under Influence) offense — with all your driving rights intact — can be such a relief. But, that doesn’t just happen, as it takes a good defense from the right lawyer. To avoid hiring the wrong attorney, here are some tips to help you:

1. Specialization

Unlike other types of legal cases that may not need specialization, DUI cases are specialized. There are scientific complexities involved in a DUI case. This is due to the evidence collection methods involved. Therefore, you need a lawyer who has a deep understanding of how each process works. Through their experience in this kind of field, they are likely to mount some good defense for you.

2. Referrals

You cannot ignore the power of referrals. Talk to friends and family and ask them if there’s a reasonable DUI attorney they know, advises HuffPost. If you know of a friend who previously had the same case, ask them for the attorney they used. You can also ask other attorneys for a referral. By the fact that they interact with them on a regular basis, they are in an excellent position to recommend a good one.

3. Experience in the courtroom

Hiring an attorney with a courtroom experience will boost your chances of getting a lenient verdict, or better still, an acquittal. It’s worth knowing that a good number of attorneys have never tried a case. It’s important you ask a DUI attorney in Utah County (or in any other state) about the cases they’ve tried. Also, get the statistics of these cases and determine their success rates.

4. Considerate

A reasonable attorney will have you in mind when discussing your case. Every profession has jargons that only its specialists understand. Law is no different, so having an attorney who will explain to you in layman terms will be critical, says Criminallawyer.com. This will ensure that you fully understand your options before getting to a courtroom. It’s good to be optimistic, but it’s even better when you are informed.

Facing a DUI offense alone can be daunting, and it’s even worse when you have an inexperienced layer defending you. However, with the right attorney on your defense, you boost your chances of a lenient verdict.