Beyond the putty

Dentist smilingWhen people have been born into a digital world, it’s easy to expect computers to be running every show. So,it’s no wonder thatmillennials love the clear aligners made byInvisalign Itero in London.

In London Invisalign Itero is a digital scanning system that makes pin-point accurate and detailed measurements to create Invisalign clear aligners. This hand-held scanner is the digital version of the putty that many dentists are still using to make moulds of their patients’ teeth. Scanned images or impressions are necessary to take the measurements to create the clear aligners. Dentists that use the Invisalign Iterosystem in London include Graham Tinkler.

Information from the London Invisalign Itero scanning system goes into a CAD programme that create a computer animation of how the teeth need to move into position with the Invisalign clear aligners. Patients love to see the clear and accurate picture of how their treatment will progress and how their smile will look at the end. Having that image in mind helps people to remain disciplined throughout treatment.

Discipline is required with Invisalign aligners because they are removable. They are taken out for eating and drinking anything but water, as well as cleaning. The patient must clean their teeth after meals before replacing the aligner, and this is where the discipline comes in. But if the mouth is not clean, the aligners can discolour, and therefore become visible over the teeth. And if the aligner is not worn for 20—22 hours a day, the treatment will not be on schedule.

That said, using Invisalign makes it so much harder to get away with mindless snacking and coffee drinking, which many people find is great. Officers workers face a daily battle against an endless streams of birthday cakes and cookies and sandwiches left over from meetings that appear in the office coffee room and can wreak havoc on an unsuspecting waistline. Doing teeth straightening with Invisalign puts all these tempting snacks off limits and people often find that they inadvertently lose a whole heap of weight without even meaning to. It’s called the Invisalign diet.

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