Child Custody: 3 Sure Ways to Sabotage Your Case

Child holding hands with fatherChild custody case can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive, according to HuffPost. There are also so many emotions attached to it since it’s the most critical part of their entire divorce. Therefore, you should be watchful and stay away from making mistakes that could sabotage your case. Below, find some of these pitfalls you should avoid at all costs.

1. Not being actively involved.

This is not the time to withdraw from your children. Instead, take advantage of every time that you have with them by being actively involved. Be involved in their daily lives and take an active role in feeding, reading, napping etcetera. If your children are a bit mature, take time to talk to them, and take an interest in their hobbies. This way, you maintain the parental bond as well as demonstrate that you are responsible.

2. Disobeying the court order.

In the initial stages of your custody case, the court will give some directions as it deems fit for the interest of the children. For example, the court may believe it fit to grant temporary custody to one parent. It will also give the visitation rights to the other parent. No matter how uncomfortable you are with the orders, any family law attorney in Long Island or elsewhere will tell you that obeying them is your best move. Doing anything contrary to what the court said won’t be taken lightly by the judge. This contempt of court which could have detrimental effects on your case, says LinkedIn.

3. Being un-cooperative.

You may be aggrieved, but you will be required to cooperate with your ex-partner. They may have hurt you badly, but remember that they are still a parent to your children. Therefore, it’s imperative that you start getting used to them being around the kids. Don’t make a mistake of fighting or bad mouthing them in front of the kids. Or, even denying them their visitation rights, unless you believe the children are not safe when they are around them. In case of such a scenario, let your lawyer advise you, but don’t disobey a court order.

Losing a custody case can be devastating for any parent. It is even worse when you realize that you lost because you said or did something that was detrimental to your case. Most of the times its too late to undo these mistakes and you have to live with them. So, one sure way to protect yourself is by avoiding them in the first place.