Child Custody in Colorado

Child Custody in ColoradoOne of the most sensitive issues that divorce lawyers have to tackle is child custody. It is not just about which parent spends the most time with the children of the marriage. It is about reducing the emotional and developmental impact on the child if they are not able to spend enough time with one parent. In these types of cases, attorneys have to take on the role of psychologist to advise their clients on how to minimize the effects on the child while protecting their rights as parents.

Who decides?

The judge usually decides on child custody (called parenting responsibilities in Colorado) matters based on the best interest of the child. The judge considers the following when making that decision:

-What parents want

-Where the child currently lives and goes to school

-How close the parents’ residences are to one another

-What the parent can give the child physically, financially, and emotionally

-What factors in the parent’s history may affect child custody i.e. domestic abuse

Denver divorce attorneys, such as, have to persuade the judge that giving custody to their respective clients is in the child’s best interest.

Do mothers usually get custody?

The gender of a parent is not a ruling factor in child custody legally. However, mothers often get custody of very young children because they are usually the ones that can and do take care of the children more. Times are changing, but not that much when it comes to parenting responsibilities. Mothers still take on the role of primary care-giver in most cases. It is up to the father’s attorney to prove that the mother may not do a good job in a particular case.

Can parents share child custody?

Courts want parents to continue having a big role in a child’s life after divorce. However, if one parent wants to limit the amount of time the child spends with the other parent for any reason, the attorney has to prove this is in the best interest of the child. This has no impact on child support payments, and the paying parent cannot stop paying child support for whatever reason. Divorce attorneys in Denver do more than draw up legal documents and file motions. They pay a very important role in child custody cases. They protect the rights of their clients, and try to carry out their wishes when it comes to child custody.