Common Causes of Estate Succession Court Battles

a couple talking to a lawyerOne of the greatest causes of family discord is inheritance battles. You work hard to obtain enough assets for your family to live comfortably and this should not be a source of conflict. Diligence when planning your estate is, therefore, essential.

Hiring a family law attorney in Denver with some estate planning expertise to navigate the legal issues is prudent. The attorney will also advise you on how to avoid the common causes of inheritance battles and keep your family intact.


Dying without leaving a will means your estate will be handled through probate. The probate process is long and contentious with significant uncertainty. The best way to avoid this is writing a will regardless of the number of your assets.

Supposed Unfairness in Choosing an Executor

The executor you select for your estate is a powerful individual. He/she pays your outstanding bills, disburses funds, and files tax returns. The power wielded by an executor can lead to power struggles within your family, which might ultimately end up in court. The perfect way to avoid this is to communicate with all parties involved through a letter and explain the rationale to your executor.

Perceived Unfair Asset Distribution

This is arguably the biggest cause of estate distribution battles. Any family members who think there is unfair distribution of assets will drag the rest to court. Though property distribution will not be equal because the value of assets fluctuates, you can leave a letter detailing your intentions for your family to understand your distribution.
Efficient communication will significantly alleviate any issues from your estate after your death. A good attorney is important to trouble-free and legally sound estate planning. Get the best attorney to ensure that your family remains unbroken after you pass away.