Facing the IRS? Here’s Why You Need a Tax Attorney

Lawyers talking to a manWith nearly a million Americans in tax debt, the IRS has never run out of cases and negotiations to go after, such as tax evasion, audits, and others. Options like tax relief or offer in compromise are available to help Americans who cannot pay their debts immediately. If you’re in this situation, it will take a lot of negotiation on your part to reach an agreement with the IRS.

This is why, when dealing with serious situations involving the IRS, it is important to have a tax attorney as counsel.

Why a Tax Attorney?

Tax attorneys have the experience and negotiation skills needed to deal with the IRS. Ideally, you would want a former IRS tax attorney to help you because he or she has handled all kinds of tax cases, ranging from small cases to large, multi-million dollar corporation suits.

When Is a Tax Attorney Necessary?

When you are being audited, facing tax crime charges, or negotiating with the IRS, hiring a tax attorney is the safe choice because you have an experienced advocate on your side.

During situations wherein there is a minor mistake or deductions you may qualify for, you may do this on your own or with your tax preparer. You may also represent yourself in an audit. However, if you owe at least $10,000, you may want to consider hiring a tax attorney.

What Can a Tax Attorney Do?

A tax lawyer advocates for his or her client’s interests in a tax dispute. Tax attorneys offer several services depending on the case. These include litigation, tax liens, tax levies, and representation against tax fraud. They will handle your case or negotiate for you efficiently because their experience enables them to argue well for their clients. According to one tax attorney, taxpayers come out better if they don’t represent themselves.

When dealing with the IRS, it is best to have experienced individuals like a tax attorney by your side. You may or may not be guilty of a crime, but a tax attorney can negotiate professionally in your favor.

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