First Few Things Newly Married Couples Should Plan For

Newly Weds PrenupGetting married involves a lot of careful planning—from the moment you become engaged to the time you go on your honeymoon. This is actually a good thing because it prepares you both for all the planning you still need to do in the course of your married life.

According to Buhler Thomas Law, P.C., below are some of the first things you need to plan for as a married couple.

Take care of legal matters

One of the first things you need to do after getting married is to secure your marriage certificate. This is especially important if the wife is taking her husband’s last name and consequently have to change her name in all her legal documents.

You must also take care of status changes if one of you isn’t a US citizen or permanent resident. If you live in Provo, there are firms that can help you get a marriage Green Card.

Choose your living arrangement

Ideally, the two of you should have already agreed on where you’re going to live as a married couple. It would even be better if you’ve already made the necessary arrangements, and all you need to do after tying the knot is to move in.

But in case you haven’t yet, you can either move into the other’s house or get a new home altogether.

Decide on starting a family

Starting a family is perhaps the most important topic you need to talk about after — or even before — saying ‘I do.’

First of all, you should determine whether or not you actually want to have children. If you do, you then have to decide how soon you’ll start having them. Of course, you must discuss the number of children and how far apart you want to space them as well.

Surely, you’ll plan for a gazillion more things as a married couple. The good thing is you’ll always have each other when taking them on.