Four Kinds of Work Visas Granted by the United States

US Visa

Sometimes, the opportunity to work in the United States—albeit temporary — arrives. When this occurs, it is important to brush up on your skills and prepare your documents, especially a working visa. The US Immigration has several kinds of work visas under their name. Below are four of them.

HB-1 (Specialty Occupation)

An HB-1 visa is one of the most popular visas offered by US employers. To obtain this kind of work permit, the employee’s position must be part of a specialty occupation or occupations attained with a bachelor’s degree or higher. US employers sponsor HB-1 visas by filing an I-29 Petition in the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

L-1 (Intra-Company Transferees)

Holders of L-1 visas must be an employee of an international company that has a parent branch, affiliate, or subsidiary (of the same business) in the United States. Employees at the managerial or executive level can receive this kind of permit. According to a company that provides work visa advice in Utah, the employee should also be part of the company for at least one year.


Employees with extraordinary abilities receive O type visas before coming to the United States. To prove that one possesses this “extraordinary ability,” the employee should meet three of six prongs, including the following:

  1. Receives a high salary;
  2. Provides original contribution/s to his/her field;
  3. Has received achievements/awards; and
  4. Performs in a lead/starring/critical role in the field.

If you are a treaty trader or treaty investor, then you probably have an E-1 work visa. This kind of visa is granted to employers and employees who wish to come to the United States due to trade activities. Apart from paperwork, you must be part of a country that maintains a trade treaty in the USA and plans to invest a substantial amount of money in a US business.

When preparing to obtain a US work visa, make sure that your US employer sponsors you for a faster and hassle-free procedure.