Got Full Custody? Now Keep It

Child custody and visitation paperworkYou’ve got full custody of your kids after the courts finalized your divorce with your ex-spouse. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve got full custody forever. Depending on your actions — and mere presence — you might have to relinquish custody. Sometimes, you have to do it temporarily or it can be a permanent court decision.

Here’s what to do to keep custody of your children:

Keep the Home Safe

Custody is determined in terms of what’s in the best interest of the child. Even after you have been granted custody thanks to the help of a child custody law firm, reminds that you can still lose that if authorities see that your child is living in a dangerous environment.

Take the case of two mothers in South Carolina, who were caring for six children yet kept them in a house that’s full of liquor bottles, trash, and even drug paraphernalia. If this is the same house setting you have for your child, you will need some straightening up if you want to keep custody. Think about the welfare of your children and the possible dangers you are exposing them to.

Fight for Your Rights

An Oklahoma soldier has a dilemma. Though he has been granted full custody of his child, his deployment has given the biological mother temporary custody. However, he fears that the mother might get full custody because of his absence. His wife is more than willing to take care of his child, but the courts are not making it easy for them. They even posted on Facebook, which detailed that his son was only given two hours to collect his things and leave their home in favor of staying with his mother.

You may think getting full custody is the end of your worries, but you still have to think about keeping it. Always think about what’s best for the child.