Guilty or Not Guilty? 3 Defense Options When Accused of a Crime

a criminal case trialAnyone can get a criminal accusation, and you should not be scared if it happens to you. It might be a wrong accusation or a mistake of judgment. Whichever your case is, one thing you need to claim fast and first is your freedom. In doing so, you can use the help of a criminal defense lawyer in Lynnwood, WA.

There are different styles of criminal defense, and your choice will affect the outcome — whether you will win or lose the case. The three common ways to respond to the allegations are:

Confession Backed by an Explanation

If the claims against you are right and you are guilty of a criminal offense, there may be a story behind your actions. You need to bring up the story. When the explanation is compelling, it can be a legal justification for your crime, and you may get a “not guilty” verdict. An explanation may grant you sympathy, less severe punishment, or a court warning.


If you are guilty of a criminal act, you may need to confess what you’ve done instead of playing mind games in the courtroom. If all goes well, the confession may help gain sympathy for you. Punishment is a sure thing, but it can be less harsh if you make the noble move of pleading guilty.


When you have a great chance of getting a “not guilty” verdict, go ahead and defend your case in court. However, during the litigation process, you should be able to produce sufficient evidence that shows you are not guilty of the crime. If the prosecution cannot prove that the evidence is false, you might win the case.

Any individual accused of a crime has the right to have an attorney. When you get yourself in a fix, your lawyer will help you understand the allegations, the laws applicable to your case, and the defense options at your disposal.