Handling Disputes in an Unfriendly Neighbourhood

Disputes in an Unfriendly NeighbourhoodWho does not dream of a friendly neighbourhood, where everyone gets along well with one another? Sadly, that’s not always the case. The smallest issues, such as who parks where, can cause ire between neighbours. Some of these issues do not end well.

There are many common causes of disputes in the neighbourhood, and sometimes, it is necessary for legal battles to ensue for them to reach a resolution. Law offices like Connolly Suthers are regular witnesses to them. Here are some of the ways to avoid and resolve disputes in the neighbourhood.


One of the top issues in residential areas is noise. One household may want to party all night, while another wants to enjoy the peace and quiet. If your neighbour is one for raucous partying, talk to him amicably about the matter. It may also work well if you know beforehand how to approach him, by asking other neighbours.

If some of them also find the noise bothersome, ask them to talk to him as well. Make a compromise, and agree on schedules. You may want to ask him to tell you ahead of time if he’s going to hold a house party.

Property Boundaries

This causes a lot of confusion among residents. Most do not know where their properties begin and end, and sometimes, they take up space that isn’t theirs. It is hard to approach a neighbour about this if you are not familiar about property boundaries. Before knocking on his door read up and understand rules about it. You understanding it is just as important as making him understand it.

If he isn’t willing to reach an agreement, you may call the neighbourhood association to raise your concerns, and hopefully address them.

Overhanging Branches, Trash and Other Visual Nuisance

Homeowners want a place that’s easy on the eyes, so an unkempt place is a visual nuisance. More than being eyesores, overhanging tree branches and trash may also cause accidents and health problems in the area. Dirty community gardens also contribute to this issue. To resolve this, express your concerns to the other parties. For community issues, agree on a schedule for cleaning, housekeeping and garbage collection.

An amicable approach backed by facts is the way to resolve these disputes. Through it, neighbourhoods can be a friendly place, and everybody can get along.