Important Immigration Concerns

Immigration law book with a gavelWhat are the major concerns facing those who want to change their immigration status? And what help is available for them? It’s not just a matter of being able to stay in the country although that is a key consideration. It’s also about making a living and having access to the support structure that naturalised citizens enjoy.

It can be a tricky road for some people to travel. Even the most basic cases require reams of paperwork and getting it wrong could mean deportation and losing the right to apply again in the same way. This is where an immigration solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, can help.


There are different residential statuses that someone can hold if they are in the UK. Residential status often determines other rights and permissions that a person has, as well as their tax liability. Most people are seeking indefinite leave to remain or right of abode, if they wish to be long-term residents of the UK. This status usually is unconditional meaning that the person who holds it is free from all immigration restrictions. This also gives them almost the same rights as British Citizens. They may also have limited leave to remain, which gives them residency but with certain conditions depending on their visa route.

People also seek temporary residency in the form of student visas, travel visas or domestic worker visas among others.

For long term applicants, choosing the right visa sometimes entails looking at present circumstances alongside eventual ambitions for residency. Being able to choose the right path is important for successful applications. Taking the advice of an immigration solicitor in London is advisable for all applicants.

Owning property

Owning a property is not technically a problem for a non-UK national unlike in some countries where non-nationals cannot own property outright. However, financing a property can create more of an issue. A mortgage company would want to check the residential status of anyone applying for a loan. Without the required documentation, they are likely to refuse any mortgage request.

If someone is looking to purchase a property in the UK and they have uncertain immigration status, then it’s worth talking to an immigration solicitor in London who is also a mortgage solicitor. They can keep track of both cases and ensure that the details of each are easily considered together in one place.

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