Paralegals Among Professionals Who Earn More Than $45,000 Per Year

a paralegal workingEntry-level jobs in the U.S. usually mean earning salaries at the low-end of the scale, but some jobs would let you earn more than the average salary of $28,000 in the country.

These jobs include paralegals, copywriters, financial analysts, and registered nurses. Your location would also determine your starting salary. Those who live in the city are more likely to earn more than people who work in suburban areas.

Starting Compensation​

Paralegals earn an average of $50,000 per year, although some people may earn up to more than $75,000. This job pays quite well since they help lawyers in gathering information about different cases. They also assist in legal research, which requires extensive knowledge in the field of law. If you live in New York, many paralegal schools in NYC offer affordable online courses. Since tuition fees are quite expensive, digital learning has become a good alternative.

Copywriters also earn a high starting salary at an average of $55,000 per year. However, entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree. This also applies to entry-level financial analysts, who may earn at least $63,400 per year.

Switching Careers​

Some people may discover later in their lives that they no longer want to pursue a career in their chosen field. Choosing to make a career switch makes sense for them. Some of the jobs that could prove lucrative and require no formal studies include a real estate agent.

An entry-level property agent could earn $60,000 per year on average, but note that this job relies more on your marketing skills to earn a decent pay. You only need a license to become an agent and with the right skill set, you could earn up to $132,000 per year. Some jobs don’t require a college degree to have a high starting salary, but it pays to acquire new skills to offset the lack of formal education.