Preventing the Top Three Occupational Injuries

Occupational Injuries in Los AngelesThere are thousands of employees injured on the job each year. Damages range from mild to life-threatening, and they can happen in a variety of working environments. You cannot stop unexpected injuries from happening, but you can lessen the incidence of injuries in your workplace. Most workers in LA rely on compensation lawyers such as the Law Offices of Peter M. Hsiao. Others just wait patiently for their employers to assist them.

The total injury burden cost around USD 61.88 billion for 2013. The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index compiled the three leading reasons for injuries in the workplace:

1. Overexertion injuries are caused by extreme pushing, lifting, carrying, throwing, pulling, and holding. This accounts for around USD 15.8 billion direct costs, and totals nearly a quarter of the overall national burden.
2. Injuries from falls on the same level account for 16.4 per cent of the cost burden and USD 10.17 billion direct costs.
3. Falls to a lower level account for USD 5.4 billion and 8.7 percent of the cost burden.

Can employers and workers prevent the injuries?

When it comes to overexertion, a worker just needs to ask for help from their peers when something is too heavy to do by themselves. The employer should provide them proper training to operate heavy machinery properly.

Injuries caused by falls may be avoided through proper housekeeping. When a workplace is clean and litter-free, it can be a safer zone and a more productive place to work in. Employers can also choose anti-slip coatings for floors or permit their workers to wear anti-slip footwear.

There is no assurance in preventing injuries, but proper precautions can lessen the chances of accidents. Workers must maintain a healthy routine with proper physical training.