Property Damage Claims: What’s Next after Fire Damage?

Insurance ClaimsAny fire outbreak can be hard to deal with especially if it causes property loss or damage. If you have insurance, it’s the responsibility of your provider to compensate you for the loss. But if you experience a delay in receiving compensation, you can hire a property damage attorney in Los Angeles to seek justice for your compensation claims.

What Causes Fire Damage?

The most common causes of fires include gas leaks, lightning, electrical wiring errors, and arson. It’s hard to prove the cause of a fire without calling in experts. Insurance policies cover only cases where the cause of the fire is unavoidable. If it’s avoidable, you may not receive compensation without the help of a lawyer. Reputable attorneys have the experience to investigate the possible cause of a fire to provide substantial evidence for your claim.

Arson Defense

In some cases, an individual can choose to set his or her property on fire to get payment from the insurance provider. Typically, cases of arson are not worth compensation. Since filing for claims in such a case is deemed fraudulent, some insurance companies can capitalize on that to deny you full compensation. With the help of a property damage attorney, you can come up with evidence that the fire wasn’t intentional.

Whenever you experience fire damage to your property, you should contact your insurance company immediately. Create a detailed document of the losses you’ve incurred and the estimated cost of the damaged property. The respective fire insurance claims will cover the property damage and the relocation cost.

While you may be deserving compensation for your property damage, any negligence can cost you receiving the full amount. Therefore, always engage a fire damage attorney to represent your case in court and help you receive full compensation.