Research suggests marriage are reserved for rich Americans

Poor couple having an issue if they still need to get married with no moneyThe number of married couples in the U.S. has fallen since 1990, mostly because many are unable to afford marriage, according to an Opportunity America and the American Enterprise Institute research.

Marriage among poor Americans has significantly dropped to 26% of the demographic compared to 51% in the last 17 years. The marriage rate among working-class citizens also dropped to 39% from 56%, while married middle- and upper-class adults declined to 56% from 65%.

Social Status

The research surveyed data among Americans between 18 and 55 years old. It indicated that married life has become more viable for the rich, as evidenced by the sharp drop in marriages among poor people. Almost 50% of single adults who earn under $30,000 cite financial instability as the reason for their unmarried life.

Your educational background also affects your decision to change your marital status. Pew Research Center’ analysis found that 65% of graduates above 25 years old in 2015 decided to marry, as opposed to 50% of people who had a high school diploma. The rate stood beyond 60% for each group 25 years ago. While marriage can be costly, take note that divorce can also just as expensive.

Divorce Dilemma

Nobody thinks of having a divorce after they get married, yet statistics show that it happens among couples. A divorce can sometimes be more expensive than getting married, but there are ways to reduce costs.

If you live in Colorado, finding a good Boulder divorce lawyer would require you to visit as many attorneys to determine what price fits your budget. Some lawyers have agreed to sign a payment plan with clients, especially those that are unable to pay upfront legal fees.


You should think carefully before planning to tie the knot, as marriage can be an expensive milestone that requires you to be financially stable.