Separation Agreement and Reasons You Need an Attorney

Divorce decree paperwork with a gavel and a penThough marriage should last a lifetime, things might not always go as planned. You might decide to go your separate ways. Not all separations, however, involve conflict. Couples that separate amicably are often hesitant to include attorneys.

Though this is understandable, your separation agreement might not go as smoothly without separation lawyers in Townsville. There are several other important reasons you should consult an attorney. Here are some of these reasons.

To Protect Your Children

If you have kids and your agreement involves parenting arrangements, an attorney should be a part of your separation process. Without an attorney, the court might not consider these arrangements legally enforceable. Should any dispute involving parenting come up later, your child may suffer without sufficient legal backing.

To Comply with Bank and Creditor Requirements

Part of your separation agreement involves how you will pay the debts incurred during your marriage. Though you might come up with plans on your own on how to meet your debt obligations, the bank and other creditors will not accept it without an attorney. The signing of the separation agreement should be overseen by a lawyer for your creditors to consent to it.

To Write an Enforceable Agreement

Most couples come up with their agreements and sign it among themselves. The language they use in the agreement is however not enforceable legally. If you have included property division agreements in your separation, you should ensure you have legal backing. If your spouse goes back on their word or the property division is inequitable, you can fight for your rights in a court of law.

While you might want to avoid additional costs and stress by avoiding hiring an attorney, this is short-sighted. The risks involved without an attorney are far-reaching and might be dire. Separation agreements with a legal backing protect you, your spouse and your children.