Strong and Long-lasting Solutions

A child and a dentist playingDental implants in Southampton are a powerful solution for the problems that develop after teeth are lost. The innovations of implant dentistry allow today’s dentists to recreate the stability and convenience of natural teeth.The number of missing teeth doesn’t matter. Dental implants in Southampton can replace a single tooth, several teeth, or a whole set.

A boost for oral health

Implants provide an obvious aesthetic benefit alongside the improvements they make to dental health and stability. Having dental implants in Southampton, at a local practice such as Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic, can be a significant positive change in the patient’s overall bodily health. The implants offer a convenience that the patient might not find with removable dentures and bridges that rely on adhesives and clips.

How to acquire dental implants in Southampton

The process begins with a consultation. The dental team will assess the condition of the patient’s mouth, making sure there’s enough density in the jawbone. Some preliminary work might be needed before the next step canbe taken.

Then there’s a bit of surgery, during which some small titanium posts are placed into the patient’s jawbone by the dentist. Following a short rest, the patient will go back to the practice so their new teeth can be affixed to the posts.

Dental benefits

There are numerous positive effects associated with dental implants in Southampton:

  • They’re as convenient as natural teeth. They remain in the mouth without the need for cumbersome bonding substances or tricky attachments
  • Their secure integration with the jawbone makes chewing foods easy and enjoyable
  • Their appearance is customised for a natural look, and they support the underlying bone structure of the face
  • They can last for many decades as long as they’re properly preserved.


Replacing teeth with dental implants in Southampton offers a truly long-term solution to the hassle of missing teeth. Whether the teeth are missing because of long-term decay or a sudden mishap while playing sports, the implants are just as effective. They’re carefully crafted to be suitable for each individual. They can restore dental confidence for many years to come.

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