Types of Domestic Abuse and How to Fight Against It

Types of Domestic AbuseSpeaking up when you become a victim of domestic violence is something you should do for your own sake. This is the only way for you to stop being a victim and to fight for your rights. This way, you can start the healing process and experience the support of people who only want the best for you.

Filing a case against your abuser is a big step you must take. Before doing this, you must find a domestic violence attorney in Cincinnati to support you throughout this trying process. One important thing you must disclose is the form of domestic violence you faced. It may including one or a combination of the following.


Physical abuse includes the attempt or infliction of physical injury through grabbing, shoving, hitting, kicking, arm-twisting, stabbing, and shooting. Withholding access to medication, food, sleep, medical care, and other resources can also be considered as physical abuse.


Emotional abuse is the undermining or your self-worth. This may include unhealthy criticism, name-calling, silent treatment, insults, manipulation, breaking promises, belittling your achievements and abilities, and hurting your relationship with your children.


Sexual abuse is when you are forced to sexual activities. This includes marital rape, sex with other people, sodomy, fondling, forced sex after beating, and forced prostitution. This also includes undermining your sexuality, including criticizing your desirability, withholding sex, infidelity accusations, and derogatory treatment.


Economic abuse is when the other party attempts to make you financially dependent. This includes withholding money, controlling your finances, forbidding employment, forced welfare fraud, and other concerns that affect your finances negatively.


Psychological abuse includes instilling fear, intimidation, threats, blackmailing, menacing, destruction of properties, stalking, mind games, harassment, withholding phone access, constant accompaniment, and forced imprisonment.

No matter what kind of abuse you faced, working with a lawyer to prove your claim is important for the success of it. Fight for your rights and never give up until you get the justice you deserve.