Unlicensed Driving: Physically Dangerous During, Legally Ruinous After

Unlicensed DrivingPeople do not always realise this, but driving a vehicle is a serious, dangerous thing to do. Manoeuvring a two-tonne machine alongside other cars of even greater size and speed is a disaster waiting to happen, as any new outlet will prove. The most worrying aspect of all is that no matter how safe authorities design roads, accidents will still befall drivers — trained, learned, licensed drivers.

There is no telling what dangers unlicensed drivers could bring; hence, the laws in place to keep them off the road.

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According to lawyers from Rapid Legal Solutions, a Townsville-based firm, getting charged with Unlicensed Driving depends heavily on the facts and circumstances of the case, specifically on whether authorities caught you simply driving without a license, or got into a traffic mishap and had no documentation to present the investigating officers. Both instances will carry penalties, but one is obviously more damning than the other.

They say that the first offence carries a ten penalty unit fine, which will amount to $1554.6, at least until 30 June next year. If the defendant expresses their incapability or unwillingness to pay the fine, they will face jail time of up to one month on the first offence.

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Authorities track your driving-related legal run-ins by way of demerit points. Accruing enough will prompt the magistrate to disqualify the guilty individual from VicRoads altogether. In less severe cases, the magistrate may only bar the person from applying for a licence or permit again for a certain amount of time.

Besides the Unlicensed Driving charge going on your criminal record, the judge will also issue penalties according to the details of your case. Some offenders may receive a community correction order, or just promise to the not to drive unlicensed again, commonly known as an undertaking.

Driving without a license is a matter of responsibility. Since such an act puts the lives of everyone on the road in jeopardy, it would be best for individuals without a license to hold off driving until they actually obtain the proper permits.