What Does California Law Say About Car Accidents?

Driver Suffering from WhiplashCalifornia requires motorists to report a car accident to proper authorities within 24 hours, especially when it involves death, injuries or property damage.

In some cases, it can be difficult to establish the person at fault of a car crash, if it caused slight damages from a simple dent on your car to something as serious as a brain injury. A lawyer in Los Angeles would find useful in seeking damages if you were the aggrieved party.

Reporting System

You should generally report a car crash within ten days to the California DMV if someone died or sustained injuries from the accident. Otherwise, drivers should still report the incident if it caused more than $750 in property damages.

Your insurance company should also be alerted immediately after a car crash. The state observes a statute of limitations that limits the capability of drivers to file a lawsuit, which is why you consult with a personal injury attorney to explore the viability of your case.

Since California is among the worst states for motorists, being aware of the law would be beneficial whether or not you caused the accident.

Worst States

An analysis ranked California as the fourth worst state in the country for motorists. Despite having the best access to vehicles and maintenance, the state has the second most expensive costs of ownership and maintenance nationwide.

Road safety isn’t exactly top-notch in the state either, as it ranked 18th on safety issues. It also ranked among poorly in terms of traffic and infrastructure.

California is among states with the highest percentage of road congestion during rush hours. Heavy traffic causes each driver an average of $1,400 every year, according to the analysis.

Don’t hesitate to consult with a lawyer even if you think you were at fault during the accident. Legal counsel would protect you from unreasonable demands from the other party, while also ensuring that your insurance will cover the damages on your behalf.