What Every Parent Should Know about Child Custody

Child Hugging ParentFiling a child custody case almost always follows a divorce, legal separation, or annulment. In many cases, the children of such couples usually remain with the mother during the working out of the procedures. However, the father still has every right to see, visit, and have their children stay with him for a certain amount of time.

The arrangements depend on many factors, but they all boil down to ensuring that the best interests of the child. And while the courts usually prefer joint custody, there are certain situations wherein they find sole custody the most appropriate solution.

Sole vs. joint child custody

Child custody laws in Colorado are complex, and it can easily confuse an average person. This is particularly the case when it comes to determining whether to file for sole or joint custody. For this reason, it’s best that you enlist the services of a Colorado Springs, CO family lawyer with extensive experience in this area.

Know though, that in joint custody, you and the other parent both have parental rights on your child. You also share living and financial arrangements to support your kid.

On the other hand, having sole custody means only one parent has both legal and physical custody of the child. In this case, the court will grant the parent with sole custody all the rights to share a home with the child, as well as handling all his/her care and financial needs. Decision making on the child’s behalf is also granted to the parent with the sole custody.

Non-visible abuse: Emotional and psychological manifestation

One of the grounds for sole custody is when the other parent has a history of abusing the child. Abuse can occur in many different forms, although the most common are those psychological in nature.

Regardless of the methods on how a parent inflicts abuse, the other should never tolerate it. The law doesn’t, and can grant sole custody. Always keep in mind that abuse impacts a child in many different ways, and the effects can manifest emotionally and psychologically, and affect him/her throughout his/her life.