What is the role of a solicitor?

Solicitor talking to a manSolicitors are qualified to represent the public in legal and commercial matters. There are some general cases that most firms will undertake, such as conveyancing, whereas other areas, such as commercial, family or immigration law, might require the services of a specialist.

A great solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew & Andrew, realises that people often require their services at difficult or stressful times in their lives. It’s important for clients to look for a solicitor who helps them to feel comfortable discussing sensitive matters. The solicitor also needs to show diligence around communication so that the client is well informed at all times.

Solicitors in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas might offer a broad range of services in order to serve their clients in as many areas as possible. Some of the possibilities are:

• Personal injury – it is always best to get involved with a reputable firm with plenty of experience dealing with every kind of personal injury from road traffic accidents to injuries at work;

• Conveyancing – perhaps one of the most familiar reasons to engage a solicitor, conveyancing covers every aspect of a house sale. Solicitors might represent a buyer or a seller but cannot act on behalf of both for the same property;

• Family law – divorce and other kinds of separation are often smoother with the help of a legal representative. In cases where there are children involved, a solicitor has the professional distance to ensure that the welfare of the family is central to the process, even when emotions are running high;

• Wills and probate – making a will is a good way to ensure that an estate is divided in accordance with the wishes of deceased when the time comes. Without one, it can get messy and costly, financially and emotionally. Once a will is in place, a solicitor has clear instructions to follow after a death, and they can administer probate swiftly and efficiently.

These are just a fraction of the ways in which a solicitors in Portsmouth can help during times of change or development in life. They are around to help and to ensure that everyone gets the service they are entitled to under the law.

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