What to Look For When Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Close-up Of Male Lawyer With Arm CrossedMigrating to the U.S. can be difficult and costly. It is, therefore, imperative that you get the right immigration attorney to help you through the process. However, finding the right one from an array of attorneys out there can be daunting.

Check out these four pointers that you should consider when hunting for the best immigration attorney to handle your case.


One of the practical ways to get a good immigration attorney is through a referral from your friends and acquaintances. Tell them about your dilemma and ask them for a good recommendation. Word of mouth referrals let you know what to expect.


It is important that you get an attorney who has practiced immigration law for some time. You should narrow it further by inquiring about the experience they have in dealing with cases like yours. For example, if you want to apply for an H1B visa to work for a company in Utah or any other state, you need an attorney who has immense knowledge of the laws governing the process. Hiring an experienced lawyer will boost your chances of obtaining a visa.

Ask for references

Once you find a prospective attorney, arrange for an initial consultation. During the consultation, ask about the past cases they have handled. Ask for a list and contact details of their past clients. Call some of them and get to know about their experience to see whether their expectations were met. Based on the feedback you get, you will be able to know whether you can trust the lawyer with your case.

Inquire about the fees

It is better to be on the same page about the fees the attorney charges. Getting an exact final figure at the initial consultation phase may be difficult. However, an experienced lawyer should be in an excellent position to give you an estimate depending on the nature of your case. If there are some fixed set of fees for the standard procedures, then, try to negotiate for a review .

Finding the right attorney to handle your case will be a step towards having a successful immigration process. Take your time and exercise caution when looking for one. With the above factors, you will have your best immigration attorney in no time.