Who Can Write Your Will?

Last will and testament A legacy is something we all have to think of eventually. When we leave this world, what will people remember you for? Will we leave our next of kin in prosperity, or in dire straits? Anyone who has achieved a significant stature in life will have to look to the future—beyond his or her lifetime, even. If this has crossed your mind, it might be time to consider writing a will.

Before anything else, let’s get something out of the way: you do not have to be old to write your will. When you hit the age of 18, you can start writing your will, and identify who gets to inherit your belongings. It doesn’t matter how meager you think your possessions are; if you have something of value, it’s a good idea to state who you’re passing it down to in the event of your passing or incapacitating.

Who Can Write My Will?

In family law, wills are generally considered sacrosanct. They might be impossible for you to write alone, considering how complex they can be, so it might be a good idea to employ an attorney to help you. People who specialize in family law, such as inheritance and divorce lawyers in Kent, can be a godsend.

If you can’t afford a lawyer or want to spare yourself the hassle of having to visit a law office, online will write services are available. This is a viable option for those who would like their wills written on a budget. Those written by estate attorneys can cost thousands of dollars to write and execute.

Another thing to consider is the executor of your will. You can give the power of an attorney to any relative or trusted friend who is of age. Whether you have to pay the executor to enact your will is entirely up to you.