Why You Should File Personal Injury Lawsuits in NY Within 3 Years

Woman suffering an injuryNew York’s law on personal injury cases requires plaintiffs to file lawsuits within three years, or else a court will most likely dismiss it.

A personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn, NY, should be able to help you in streamlining the process of filing a case. While you have three years for doing so, it doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last minute to start working on a claim.

An exception to the Rule

There are some rare exceptions when you may still seek damages from personal injuries in New York. The statute of limitations will not likely include the time when the defendant has been outside the state for at least four months. Their disappearance should happen before you can file a lawsuit.

Other cases involve legal limitations, such as a person’s age. If a person turns 18, then the three-year rule will apply by then. Take note that the court will still have the final say on what it can exempt from the deadline. Hence, it’s best to seek legal counsel as soon as possible when planning to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Legal Expenses

A lawyer’s fee is often the first that comes into mind for most plaintiffs. The usual charges include a contingency fee that represents around 30% of a settlement claim, while others agree on a “no win, no fee” basis.

You can always negotiate with your lawyer on a lower contingency fee if you think that the settlement won’t be that much. The best way to control costs would require you to hasten the process of your case since you are likely to pay more if the case takes longer.

You should waste no time when dealing with a personal injury case. Find a lawyer who specializes in handling personal injuries and has a track record of winning settlement deals.