Work Safety: Are You in Need of a Brain Injury Lawyer?

Brain Injury LawyerIf you're looking for a brain injury lawyer, either you or someone you know has suffered a head injury with possibly long lasting effects. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to paralysis or even a ticking clock to a person's death.

Unlike other head defects such as cerebral palsy, which a lawyer can dispute in court for medical practice, head injuries that happen at work can be avoided.

If the work environment is fit for employees to work in, there is nothing for employers to worry about. If they knowingly allowed workers to continue carrying out their shifts in an unsafe environment, however, you could have a case against your employer if you ended up getting hurt.

Did You Hit Your Head at Work?

Let’s say that an employee had a slip and fall accident at work. This employee is a bartender who requested their employer repeatedly to bring in non-slip mats, which could help them out as they move around the bar every work shift to give customers their drinks.

The employer instructed to buy non-slip work shoes instead — which the bartender did even if it was not their request. The shoes only helped a little, however, as there always seemed to be standing water in a specific area because of a leaking cooler. This was also an issue that the employee reported, but they were ignored. The bartender ended up slipping one day, fell, and hit his head on the way down.

Do You Have a Case?

The bartender in the above situation had repeatedly told his employer that he needed non-slip mats behind the bar, and that their cooler is leaking. Although the employer did respond to the issue, they didn’t fully do something about the root of the problem. If the employee can prove that they made their employer aware of the unsafe workplace, they could have an advantage when they take the case to court.

Get the necessary compensation and never let your right be unheard. Know what you can do in this situation and hire legal professional help if needed.